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MASTERCLASS Passive Income

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Here’s the 200K special video where I reveal my income streams!

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So my first job was with a non-profit
organization, I used to teach English to underprivileged students
and I used to enjoy that work. It was very fascinating. I used to create a lot of impact. So I really loved that part of the work. And I used to get paid ten
thousand rupees a month. This was back in 2010/2011..

So if I ask you to guess my monthly income, do tell me in the comment box
what my total monthly income was. Most of you will say about
hey Akshat, 10,000 salary, so your monthly income would have been 10,000 rupees. Wrong. I used to make 50 to 60 thousand rupees every
month back then as well. Now, you might say that hey Akshat,
that sounds like really confusing man..

So you’re making 10000 rupees as your salary and your overall
income is 50-60 thousand. How was that the case? So the case was that back in college,
I took GMAT and I scored really well. So I scored a 770 and I ended
up teaching for GMAT. So, I used to have a lot of private clients. I used to teach them..

So, every month I used to find one or two clients and they used to pay me quite
a lot of money for my private GMAT tutoring. So, the point through this story is very simple,
that many times we just imagine that if I’m just doing my primary job,
that becomes my entire being. That is the total money that I will make..

I will not explore other
income streams, etc. So, my career has been driven
by making parallel income streams. So this is what I’m going to speak
about on this 200k special video. So first and foremost,
thank you so much for supporting me and Zayn on our amazing YouTube journey. It has been a pleasure
speaking with all of you..

And if you love my content,
please press the like button. That would mean a lot and we
will get today’s video started. So essentially, I’m going to do
three things on this video. Number one, as I said earlier, that I’m
going to reveal my income streams. So I’m going to tell you where I’m
currently making money from and how I have.

built those businesses and some
key learnings along the way. Finally, I’m going to leave you with some
very important lessons as to what it is that you can take away from my journey,
because I come from a very small town, and if I can become financially
independent and a millionaire by the age of 30, then I’m sure
that anyone can do it..

So this is what the core agenda for today is. So let’s get started. Now, before revealing my income streams, let me give you some
very quick disclaimers. Number one, this is not a bragging video, but these days anyone can stand
up on YouTube and give advice. So it’s very important for you to
understand that the person is reliable..

So I’m saying things that I’m a millionaire and I will give you
some kind of proof around it. So, here is the proof, this is the GST that I filed for one of my companies
and one of the businesses. And you can check the entire GST that I filed Now, I will not reveal my entire portfolio, that
this is the amount of money that I make..

I’m not here to brag. I’m just simply trying to prove
that whatever advice I’m giving you about making money, it comes
from first-hand experiences. So, that is the intent with which I’m
showing you this small snippet. Take a look.
I have recorded this from my GST portal for one of the companies
and businesses that I run..

And this cannot be faked.
Atleast I don’t know how to fake it. Now, this snippet clearly
shows that I filed a GST. This is the latest issue
that I had filed therefore I’m showing it to you that I filed 2.3 lakh in GST for one
of my businesses. Now,
CAs can do the exercise and you can figure out how much I’m making
from one of my businesses..

That’s one of the businesses. This is not my entire income stream. In the past, I’ve added videos like that how did I make one crore
in the stock market? etc I’ll link the video here you can check it out and you can
try to estimate my portfolio. It would be fun for me to watch if you are trying to guess
the size of my portfolio..

So do comment, I would love to read it, but I’m not going to reveal
my entire portfolio. That is not the objective of the video. The objective
of the video is that are my income streams. How am I thinking about it? How did I go about building it and what
lessons you can derive out of it? And hopefully this entire GST filing that I showed you
hopefully establishes trust..

Now, second, and very quick disclaimer is that many of you might think that I am ‘khandni’ rich,my parents are very rich. And I have been handed like millions and millions of dollars and therefore
I’m doing all this stuff. No I’ll explain the nature
of the businesses that I run. And hopefully that itself will help you
understand that these are not generational.

businesses, that I’m a part of,
these businesses I’ve built on my own. My parents have been very supportive. They have allowed me to explore whatever I wanted to explore, and I could not
have asked anything better from them. I’m sure that your parents
also want the best for you. They are giving you the best
possible education..

Same goes for me. Just a very quick
background about my family. So my father comes from a place called Katni, which is a very small
town in Madhya Pradesh. That is where he comes from. So he had very humble beginnings. He’s a government servant. My mom worked at Punjab National Bank and she
took VRS..

So the point is that I come
from humble beginnings. It’s not as if that I’ve been handed over
a lot of money and I’ve now started investing in stock market
and a bunch of other things. So these two very important discaimers, because I know that there will be a lot
of trolls and they will give a lot of comments around it. So, just to quash those discussions,.

I have given these two disclaimers. Now let’s get started. Now, my first major income stream comes
from running businesses. Now, there are a bunch of businesses that I’m involved in and there are
a few businesses that you already know. OK, so I will link them
in the description box as well. So you know about Cases Over Coffee and.

you know about My MBA Journey. So these are two visible businesses
on the Internet that you can easily check. Right. Through My MBA Journey and Cases Over Coffee, there are different streams
of income that I make. Now, there are three sub income streams
that I make from My MBA Journey. So one is the core admission consulting.

that if some student is coming to me
and they say that he wanted to go to Harvard, Stanford, Wharton,
can you guide us? Then, I guide them. So this is one-on-one consultation. Of course, it’s customized help, so it costs a bit of money. Second is that I run study abroad bootcamps
and I do this in group settings..

So students have been finding it
to be fabulous and a wonderful idea. And I’ve gotten excellent
feedback about it. So I’ll continue to run that. And third income stream is phone calls. So people do one-on-one consultation,
very brief, half an hour to 45 minutes help. They just need help in terms of college selection,.

or assessing
their admission chances. So these are three income streams
that I make from My MBA Journey. Now, at Cases Over Coffee,
there are two income streams that I make, So, one is called
a subscription-based service. So we charge five to ten dollars and we
give you access to a wonderful network.

where you get mentored by BCG,
Bain, Mckinsey people, elite consultants.
We put you in a network model. You learn a lot every single week. You solve cases and you develop
your business understanding. We have been extremely innovative
in terms of designing our programs. No one in India has done it and our.

competitors are mostly
Western European countries. But we are doing it at a fractional of the cost and therefore we have grown
really fast at Cases Over Coffee. As second income stream there is
called Global Fellowship. So that again, is a very impressive
and very innovative model. Tell me like literally tell me like
any other company doing similar work.

What we do in Global Fellowship for Cases Over Coffee is here we
partner with international companies, US, Europe, Canada, and we bring
their actual business problems. So if a company in Canada is facing some kind of a real business issue,
we picked that as a problem statement. We create a student team and then we put
them in touch with mentors from BCG, Bain,.

Mckinsey, and they solve
that entire problem. So it’s a simulation model, so to say, for the actual corporate world,
how businesses are solved. So this is a very innovative model. It is completely booked for us
till December of this year. So we have been very agile in terms
of developing highly creative programs..

Now, in terms of businesses that are three
other businesses in which I have already invested and I will continue
to invest in more ed-tech focused firms. So that is the goal that I will continue
to do some interesting things in the ed-tech space and hopefully that will
add a lot of value to people. So that brings me in total
to how many income streams..

So three from my MBA journey, two from Cases
Over Coffee and three other businesses. So these are eight income streams. Now, one very quick point that I would
like to talk about in terms of developing businesses, that, of course,
you have to invest a lot of time, energy and effort. That goes without saying,
no doubt about that..

But in terms of returns,
what happens is that, of course, you are making revenues
from the operations of the business, that if I’m running a company like
Cases Over Coffee, or My MBA Journey or, or any other company, then
there is a revenue stream that is coming. Second is the appreciation
of the business itself..

So, for example, if an investor comes and they want
to invest in our business, then the asset, which is My MBA Journey or Cases Over Coffee
that itself escalates. So the money appreciation happens in both these ways when you’re running a business, this could be a simple blog
or a YouTube channel or a website..

It could be anything. The returns happen,
both in terms of the revenues that you’re making and the appreciation
of the asset itself. So keep this in mind. This is an important point
regarding running businesses. Now, my second major income
stream comes from stock markets. So I trade and I invest. And I’ve been doing it
for the last several years..

So I have a trading income
and I have an operating income. Now, my investment income, long term
investment income also pays me dividends. So that becomes a massive
income stream for me every year. I’ll not explain this in excruciating
detail because it is very obvious that I invest money in the stock market that
becomes my long-term investment strategy..

I make money from it. Short term, I do trading, I do swing trading. I do intraday sometimes whenever I
get time and I make money from it. So this leads me to at least
two to three income streams. But on a conservative side, let’s just call it trading
income and investment income. Now, my third income stream is YouTube..

Currently, I’m losing money
on YouTube, to be honest. My bottom line is that this will become
a little bit profitable as we go along. So on YouTube, there are three
ways in which you can make money. One is that YouTube pays you in terms of advertisements that you
see on anyone’s channel. So YouTube pays you directly..

It doesn’t cost you anything. YouTube just play the ad and the creator of that content gets a little
bit of money from YouTube. So that’s one. The second income stream on YouTube is mostly brand sponsorship
and brand partnerships. I’ve done it.
I’ve been very open about it and I would continue to do it for good
brands that I personally use..

For example, yesterday I
released a video of Vauld. Now, I would try to bring these type of companies for the simple fact
that it actually helps you. And let me explain you how. So yesterday I started a campaign on Vauld and you will
be getting kickbacks. So what happens is this. If you go to Vauld and open your account.

directly, you are anyway paying money
to Vauld. You’re not getting any kickbacks. But if you use the link that I posted on yesterday’s video, you you if you open
your Vauld account via that, there are certain kickbacks that you will get. So, it’s not hurting you, in fact,
it is benefiting you. So my goal is to bring useful,
credible brands that help you,.

That’s A. B- I will not advertise
brands that I myself do not believe in. Yesterday I showed you that I
myself invested one lakh via Vauld. Now, no brand in the world is going to pay a YouTuber and say that, you know what, here is one lakh rupee go and invest it. They
are not going to do it. And I would continue to invest
because I’m a believer in crypto..

I’m going to invest my own money and show it to you. That is how much I believe in different
products that I bring on this channel. In the past, in the past, I have said to multiple unicorns who have
asked me to advertise their products so you can guess the names
in the description box. And I will never, ever, ever,
ever advertise their products..

They can pay me a million
dollars and I will not do it. I’m saying it openly. So I’m being honest, upfront with you. The products that I myself use, I advertise it.
Sometimes the products that I find useful, even if they’re not sponsoring it,
I’ll talk about it. For example, Decathlon. I’m wearing a Decathlon T-shirt and I keep
saying it, that I use Decathlon products..

I like it and I talk about it. And these are not sponsored videos. The third way you can make money
from YouTube is via affiliates. I don’t do too many affiliates. I’ve just done it
from Zerodha and Vauld. Why? Because I myself use those products
and I’m explaining it to you. All the screenshots, that stuff that you see from my crypto
portfolio and investment portfolio..

It comes from Zerodha and Vauld. I’m genuinely just putting those
links. That’s it. It does not hurt you. In fact, it benefits you,
as I gave the example of Vauld. Now, my fourth major income stream is commercial real estate. So I have purchased four commercial
real estate properties as of now. And of course, they pay
my rent every month..

So that generates a cash flow for me. Now, again, like a business,
even commercial real estate also appreciates the asset
itself will appreciate. And it’s generating an operational cash flow, which is the monthly
income that I’m getting on. My fifth and final major income
stream is external consultations..

So I have done a lot of consultation
for government projects. So I work with different ministries,
have done consultation projects for them. That’s one major income stream. And then I do a lot of startup
consutation because I have run successful startups,
I build different companies. So people come to me, they give
me business problems to solve..

I solve it for them and they pay me money. So these are called as external consultations. These are my major five income streams. Now, there are several subsegments
income streams within these streams. I said this too many times,
but bottom line is that if I were to summarize small businesses, I make
approximately eight income streams..

My MBA Journey three income streams, Cases Over Coffee two income streams
and three different ed-tech startups. And then we have stock market income. So we have trading income
and investment income. So income streams there,
then we have YouTube three income streams. Then you have commercial
real estate two income streams..

One is rental income
and capital appreciation. So I’m not bifurcating it in that I own
four properties therefore four income streams. No, right, then external consultations two,
because the type of projects that I take are very different government
projects and start up projects. So in total, 8 plus 2= 10,
13, 15 and 17..

So in total I have
seventeen income streams. So my philosophy right from starting
my career has been very simple, that if you have one income stream, then
you have clos to zero income streams. So you must figure out a way to magnify your income streams and earn from
different sources of income. That is what I wouldn leave you with.
Now, in summary,.

if my journey has inspired you even
a little bit, then there are three important
thoughts that I will leave you with. Number one, you need to work really hard. Luck is very important. I have been lucky and I’ve been
blessed, no doubt about that. That I have really good parents. who focused a lot on my education,.

so I am very, very thankful to God for
giving me the life that I currently have. So I am lucky, no doubt about that. But that does not discount the fact
that I have also worked really hard. So if you are in a situation where you are
feeling a little bit stuck, you must assume that the luck
will turn your way one day..

Up until then, you have
to keep working hard. This is the first key point,
Second key point, and interestingly, no one talks about this that you
should not get jealous with others. I see so many people,
especially with this social media culture picking up, people get
jealous with each other. If your classmate is doing well,
if he or she is running their own YouTube.

channel, people will go
and spread hate. People will say bad things. If they have launched their own company, people will say that, hey,
this is like a bad product, whatever. Please don’t do that. Learn that you can only grow
by collaborating with people, not bringing other people down,
because running a business requires so.

many things and you need
people to support you. So if you are not supporting others,
then one day when you start your own business, when you go on a creative
venture, no one is going to support you. So please don’t be jealous.
Collaborate. This is the second. Third and finally, you cannot grow in today’s
economy without learning things..

So invest every single day
learning something new. We are in the knowledge age. We are in an age where knowledge
has become a competitive advantage. So focus your time,
effort and energy in terms of learning. So I hope you found this video
to be interesting and insightful. Please give it a thumbs up
and I will see you tomorrow..

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