Happy Days Telugu Full Movie | Varun Sandesh, Tamannah, Nikhil | Sri Balaji Video

Happy Days Telugu Full Movie | Varun Sandesh, Tamannah, Nikhil | Sri Balaji Video

Watch Happy Days Full Movie With English Subtitles Exclusively on Sri Balaji Video. #HappyDays Movie Starring Varun Sandesh, Nikhil, Vamsi Krishna, Raahul, #Tamannaah, Gayatri Rao, Sonia, Monali Chowdary, Kamalinee Mukherjee, Music By Mickey J Meyer, Story – Dialogues – Directed & Produced By #SekharKammula.

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Chandu (Sandesh), Rajesh (Nikhil), Shankar (Vamsi Krishna), Tyson (Raahul), Madhu (Tamanna), Appu (Gayatri Rao) and Sangeeta (Monali Chowdary) are a bunch of freshers in a college. They all together make a fine gang. Chandu – Madhu, Rajesh – Appu Shankar – Sangeeta soon build up their relation and become pairs. Tyson – a nerd with a heart of gold – ends up falling in love with a senior Sravanthi (Sonia). The rest of the story is how they spend their four years of their education in the campus and express love for their respective dear ones.

Every day, every minute is very important. Think how much value has been added
to our life with the work we do. What we want to do in life,
how we are planning to do it, one must have clarity,
a goal and a plan. Get up! Life…clarity…what do l know about it?
What are you asking me, dad? Don’t know why but l feel
an unknown tension..

ls it fear or excitement? l never woke up before 8,
what’s this new habit? Mother is up! So early? Don’t mothers sleep at all? She’ll prepare pudding, she prepared for appearing EAMCET
and when l got the results, today too! – Will you come to the
temple with me?- No, mom. That monkey too would’ve got up..

Father! May give a sermon.
– Come here. Parker pen, my dad presented it to me. When l entered engineering college. Sermon is better,
sentiment is too much! Are you tensed? Everyone will feel
the same on the first day. Don’t worry, if you’ve any problem,
meet the Principal. He’ll take care of everything..

Give her his cell number too. lf anyone asks tell them
you know to sing. l’m losing hair, uncle… Use coconut oil everyday,
don’t go for hair creams. l didn’t mean you,
the girl on radio. Why are you all coming with me
as if l’m going for an operation? How long will you accompany me? Why did mother apply
coconut oil to my hair..

Why did you tell principal that
l can sing well? You’re too much! 147 cars went this road till now,
single driven cars, it means 300 litres petrol per hour,
suppose if they travel by bus or metro, they’ll save Rs.10 crore worth petrol,
what do you say, dad? So l guess, you’ll travel to
college by bus, right?.

Dad, this isn’t about me,
just like that. Dad, we’ve to take right.
– l think straight, please inquire. TT ..::MaGeSh::.. Stop….stop… Why are you rushing? Can’t you wait for the next bus? l was getting late to college… My brother! Which college? l too studied in CBlT.
Which branch? Mechanical but l’m changing
to Computer science..

– l want to shift to computer science. Computer science?
Heavy competition. lf you don’t top in the first year,
give it up. What? Got me?
Work very hard. Appu, l’ll pay fees and come,
wait here.- Okay dad. Study well.
You must save your dad’s honour. Got me?
– Okay…okay… Don’t while away time.
– Mother….

Take it…that girl too is your class. ls it? You’re dressed like a boy? Your son too has long hair
like a girl, right? Good retort, well said. Girls must be like you.
You said it right. What’s in the dress you wear?
One must have brain. He’s our son…
– Okay, study well. What else can he do?
We paid lakhs to buy a seat..

How much did you pay?
– Mom, keep quiet. Dhoni hairstyle? ls it good? l’ve been growing for
8 months to enter college. Bye aunty.
– Okay dear. Be careful dear.
– Okay.- Study well. Appu, eat well. Bye dad. God, l selected Mechanical
because it’s easy to study. Though l know there are few girls, so l’m making a wish,
please help me to get through,.

along with it, help me with
some entertainment too, my Lord. Lord, fix a girl who can’t speak
English well and make my life. Don’t cry. Came in just now? You’ll get used to it,
please don’t cry. Common? Have you imagined too many
things about college? Where is it? Let’s find it. Are you a fresher? Who is he?
– My car driver..

Give the luggage to him,
carry this bucket also. Carry it. l’ll carry it sir. Give it to him and leave. Give me that one too. Every year this day is a festival
to our college, this is the beginning of whatever a student
achieves or misses in life… many countries depend on lndia
on information technology….

the reason is our Engineers… that doesn’t mean l want you
to serve the nation now… Why are you so tensed? Tensed?
l’ve to sing a song now. On the stage, after his speech. Actually, there’s no program
after the speech, we’ll be shown around the campus. Lecturer sitting there told me. There’s a delay in the program..

Calling you. Me? Next… What’s it madam? My name is Padma, he’s my son Pandu. Aren’t you Chandrasekhar Rao? Yes, l saw the seat next to mine. Pandu isn’t like others, little shy. He’s very scared. He won’t even come to the
college without me. So l made him write the
exams privately. He made a great fuss
to enter the college..

You take him inside son,
l’ll wait outside. Hey come, let’s go in. Come. That’s our first principal’s residence, there’s a belief in college, that he appears as a lion
to one student every year. You sang brilliantly. Tell me your names. Salute us. Madhu, come here. Sit here. You mustn’t salute like that,
at ease..

Catch it! Come on do it. Jump! TT ..::MaGeSh::.. Why are you laughing at them? How dare you come to college
dressed like a boy? Write an imposition,
1000 times, that l’ll not come to college
in shirts and pants. Come to the college tomorrow
in a silk sari, right? Hey, come here. Not you guys,
you carry on jumping..

Do you need dubbing voice? Lips are moving but no sound. What’s your name? My name is Paidithalli. l don’t know a word of English. Telling me stories?
– No sir. From which place, bro? Srikakulam district,
village Marripothuthanda. Telugu medium?
– Yes sir. Buy 50 Michael Jackson CD’s
and write down the lyrics..

Sir, who is the singer? Tell me the name again?
– What happened to you? Sir, please repeat the name again.
– Go away! Come…come with me. Please tell me the name again.
– Michael Jackson. Why are you so scared?
l too belong to Srikakulam district. l too didn’t know a word of English, college will teach you everything..

Come to me if you’ve any problem. l’ll take care,
please give me a smile now. Smile l say! No sir, l’ve a rash on my waist. l can’t wear sari and
half sari to expose it. No need to cry for it. So our customs and traditions
are a torture to you.- Yes. You go to the class,
let’s also go to the class. Carry our bags to the class..

Why are you staring at us? My father is Proddutur MLA! Are you an MLA’s son? You’ll get the stick if you
act smart with seniors. Hey fatso! Why are you jealous of me? Fatso is the only word l hate most. My hair! How do l look? Am l handsome? l look ugly, right? Why are you so tensed? That fatso will die in my hands.
– lt’s okay, it’s fine..

ls my face okay? Tell me the truth.
– Yes. Tell me seriously. Go away, girls will not look at you.
You’re like a dressed chicken. l’ll take bath now.
– Go. l’ll not spare that fatso,
if not l’ll change my name. Come here. Why are you coming to the
college like a pig from a sty? Go and take bath. Who are you midget?
– l’m your senior, go to the class..

What is your father? Mother? What’s in the bag? Boys, leave him to me. Friend? How can a junior be his friend? Had lunch?
– No.- Come. Why did you wear this dress for the
invocation of Goddess of Learning? You should’ve worn traditional dress. Come to the college in half sari
from tomorrow. Actually l don’t have half saris.
Very old..

Madhu, just do l say. Made any friends in the group? l mean…l know Chandu. Who is Chandu?
– Me sir. Your full name? Call him as Chandrasekhar, okay? Hey, go to the class. From which college? Your percentage? What was your rank in the EAMCET? Can l know your name? What did you ask? Come again. l wanted to know her name….

Bloody! There are so many here,
you want my girl’s name? She looks interesting.
– What? ls she interesting? Bloody idiot! Remove your shirt
and take a round. How dare! What a great body!
You look like Mike Tyson. l can knock you down with a blow,
how dare you ask my girl friend’s name? Naveen, leave him..

You wear the shirt.
– Wear it. Don’t get smart with seniors,
you’ll lose limbs… lt may have started with
a fight with seniors, but we all got very close in
an hour’s meeting. Arjun, l mean Tyson. Don’t know why but we felt we
are friends for the life. Stop…stop… Metallurgy assignment,
we’ve to finish in 2 hours,.

we need ten copies,
take it and write it. Sir, we have to attend a class. Don’t we have class?
Shut your gob and write it. You’ve to finish in 2 hours.
Got it? Write it down. Come on boys. l think one of us must
attend the class. May l go?
l need a branch transfer. l like computer science,
l want to top it..

So… Okay, go. Why are you so dirty? He said he’s an MLA’s son, that’s all! Not everyone is clever like you, will you escape wearing sari
by spinning a yarn? l’ll not spare that fatso!
l’ll rag him to death. Won’t you write it? Once l read it,
l don’t need to see again. l like you buddy, it seems you went
for a senior on the first day..

Cool buddy! You finished it so fast. What he likes he’ll do it very fast. lf he doesn’t like it,
he’ll never touch it. Mother… Son, you’ve to take him
to the college. l can’t come to the college everyday. He won’t listen to me also. l helped him once,
l too have a life of my own, right? My home is in Dilsukhnagar,
l reach home almost at night..

Your house is on the other side. l’ll do my work,
you do your work, okay? Why should he do? Why is he writing the notes for you? Why did your seniors interfere
when you were in trouble? Why did you stop someone
from beating him? This is humanity,
l think you don’t have it. You told me to ask the lecturers,
l don’t need your advice..

Come Pandu, you needn’t
write notes for him. Madam, please stop. Where do you stay in Kukatpalli?
– Housing board colony. Come Pandu. l like you very much. l really like you. Finished it? Come on give it.
Quick! Anyway first day in college is over. A day of fun and troubles. Mother…mother… What?
– l want half sari..

Look here, l got it!
– This one! Thanks for the unknown man!
You got into the right track. Wear it. Mother…
– You look like an angel. Madhu tried her best with the
half sari she wore years ago. Shankar started studying as
if it’s final year exam. Rajesh is still planning to
take revenge on the fatso..

Tyson was making special
preparations for Rajesh. TT ..::MaGeSh::.. You said about the rash…? l know your trick. Sari doesn’t… Wash and iron these
clothes by morning. Appu understood well that
cheating seniors will hurt more. TT ..::MaGeSh::.. Get up early… Take a bath… Board the bus… Go to the college….

Songs in the bathroom… Sermons along with breakfast… Wonders with mother…
Blunders with father… Tenders for pocket money… Waiting for the bus… Fighting for space in
the footboard… Meeting in the canteen… TT ..::MaGeSh::.. Teachers in the class… Fun in the class… SMS speeches… Crooning with MMS….

Sitting in the last benches… Playing games in the cell phones… Waiting for the interval break… Sitting in the last benches
and reading magazines… Watching movies at lmax theatre… Morning and matinee shows… Bowling at alley… Dating in the food court… Hey girl!
– What man? What’s your style?.

Give me okay from your side… Hey girl…like this… TT ..::MaGeSh::.. Waiting for the bus and chatting… Fighting at the food board… Actually, you supported him. College Radio, ah? C’mon go. Tell them your idea.
– Not now. Don’t get scared. l’m always there.
– No Chandu, please. Stop. College radio?.

Why get into trouble? Ajunior must be attending classes. Sit down. lnstead of a notice board,
we can have a college radio. We can play songs,
organise debates… college gossips, announcements,
cricket commentary. Hey, get out. Get out. Get out l say. Go. And it won’t cost much. Give me a chance. Whom are you waiting for?.

The Lion…? Waiting for you. What happened to your idea? They liked it. But may be, next year. They have planned to build a
hospital in a village nearby. Atleast, you tried. That ”sari” fellow is troubling me. Wear it tomorrow. You can get rid of his overtures. l mistook you for the moon. Hi Madhu, you are looking very beautiful..

You ordered.
– Will you come with me in my car? Please Madhu, please come
with me in my car. l rubbished past like nothing… Freshers?
– Yes sir.- Go. Why don’t you sit, Madhu? Come here, buddy. Though l am a senior,
you don’t have to follow my orders. Not only you,
two more seniors ordered me. So, l wore it..

Why are you looking so tensed? l’m not comfortable wearing a sari. Above all, he insists.
He is killing me. He is always after me. Shall l drop you at home?
– No thanks. He is following me. lf he sees with you, he will cry. Today, you’re looking very beautiful. ls she beautiful? You idiot! Walk. ”Madhu is my sister”
Write this imposition 1000 times..

You can go to your class
only after writing that. ls Madhu my sister?
– Write l say. Chandu, if l see you again with Madhu,
l will rip your skin off. She is mine, got it? Write now. ls Madhu my sister? What is this? Over? Get lost. lt might be the effect of
her sari or something else. l wanted to be with Madhu,
talk to her,.

and even touch her. l was trying to find a way out…then. Madhu, l’m going to buy drafter. Will you join me? Thank you. l was wondering with whom should l go. Okay. l will come.
When are you going? And also buy some other material too. Let’s go now. Or else that idiot might
catch you again. You’re right..

lt’s raining.
– lt’s alright. Come.- How? First time in my life, a girl other than
my sister was sitting on my bike.. that too Madhu, that too wearing a sari. And above all, it was raining. TT ..::MaGeSh::.. My steps are wandering… But l’m still going towards her… Fighting to get few winks of sleep….

The moment l close my eyes,
it’s you everywhere… Love has taken over me
and l’m all at sea… Come & have a cup of tea. My mom is tea specialist. Forget about the tea. l liked her mother, her home,
her grandmother… l really liked her entire family. Come. l will show you my room. l feel l’m getting closer to her..

Brother, shall we play carom? This is what it means
”Physically present & mentally absent”. Though l’m home, my thoughts are
still wandering in Madhu’s room. What do you call this? What are you doing?
– l’ve to buy eggs for mom. And take Snoopy for a walk. Shall l come? You leftjust now. Just like that.
A walk with you..

The weather is nice. Your dress too. What’s wrong with you? lt’s boring at home. That’s why l came for a walk. But we had a good time, right? Thank God, that idiot didn’t see us. Why is he so crazy about you? lf he sees me in a sari,
he goes mad. He irritates me by staring
from head to toe. 1 kg flour & 12 eggs..

Am l so cute? Shall l tell you the truth? You look superb. What a stupid conversation! And purposeless visit. This is the first time in my life. May be, this is not stupid. l heard that Engineering college
professors are very strict. But l never expected them
to be so strict. Sir, l was… lf a pencil falls down, ”Get out”..

lf we smile, ”Get out”. lf we chew gum, ”Get out”. Even if we yawn. lf he starts sending everyone out… What did you both talk about? When? Yesterday, you & Madhu. A casual talk. What did you discuss about me? About you? Nothing. Not even on the road. We discussed about dog. On the road? Yesterday?.

We spoke about ”Get out” Murthy. About dog?
– No… Chandu, write properly. Close your mouth, you pig. l don’t mind entertaining you a little. As told in movies, we all went to the door step of heaven. Then, the bell rang. Like hypnotized zombies,
we all followed her. But our friend was caught
in civil engineering class..

And in electronics class too. Her classes got over. But he kept following her. TT ..::MaGeSh::.. Oh! Our hearts fell in love… Oh! Our thoughts changed… Neither did this happen before… Nor is this my heart… Our heart will listen to none… And it wanders as it likes… All this is because of your magic….

We chant your name everyday… O love! These miracles are
because of you… l thought friendship is life… l saw my wishes come true today… Twists & turns are many in life… But l’m getting locked to your heart… How near l’m to reach the peak… Should l spend everyday
thinking about it? O damsel!
My heart yearns for you….

Enough of this mayhem… TT ..::MaGeSh::.. Your smile is a spring at it’s best… l am watching it with awe… You’re lightning drenched in
the drops of rain… Festoons of a Telugu household…. My heart has gone weird… Ajoy never felt before… A boon… O God! TT ..::MaGeSh::.. Just a minute, madam..

My name is Rajesh. My father is MLA of Proddutur.
Our wealth is around 10 crores. l’ve a mother, a sister & a brother.
You’re my future, madam. Don’t say anything, madam. l love you means l love you. TT ..::MaGeSh::.. They are all love letters. Take them. Read every letter. Leave none. Tell me anything that’s different..

lf you can’t, just get out. We were very worried
at Rajesh’s courage. Tyson gave us a new shock. Are you going to canteen?
Can l come? Your name? Stop here & go back. lt’s good for you…and your body. Are you mad? Why invite trouble? Freshers never entered canteen
in our college’s history. l’ll take care of myself..

l’m coming to canteen
for having lunch. Let’s go. Getting into a tiger’s den is risk. Today, he even pulled it’s tail. Come here. What is a fresher doing in the canteen? Think you’re smart? Who gave her the flower? Myself. l’ll hang you to the fan upside down. Leave it, sir. How dare you! She is my girl. How dare you!.

Sanjay, leave him.
He is a mad fellow. How dare you! Nothing big. She was interesting. What interesting? Think too much of yourself. What makes you so daring?
– Stop smiling. Sanjay, leave him.
– Shut up. What makes you so confident? ls your father a Minister?
– So what? Do you have millions? l have nothing..

After 4 years duration…
Yes sir, in just 4 years… What will you do?
– l will start a company. l feel l’ll be hiring you guys. l may rag you guys in 4 years.
l felt so. l even feel like laughing at times. Kick him. Stop it. Get up. Stop. What’s wrong with you, you bean pole! Listen to your seniors and
mind your business..

Don’t create problems inside college.
Got it? Go. Clear this place. lf l see you in the canteen again,
l will break your bones. Chandu, tell him. Understood? Leave now. Go. All these days l had a doubt why is this skinny fellow after Shravanthi? l even felt pity for him. But today l felt that not only Shravanti,.

he will get anything he wants. Chandu, that irritating fellow is after me. Where is he?
– See you. l have work. He wants me to go with him
in the evening. l will tell him that we have some work. l will tell him something. He wants to do palm reading. He is coming. Hey Madhu, shall we go? l’ve assignments to do..

Actually, Chandu & l had planned…
– Assignments…? Write her assignments too. Stop staring at her.
Write l say. Go. Leave this place. l couldn’t forget the way Madhu
looked at me…all my life. l felt l did a grave wrong. l couldn’t sleep that night. Sangeetha, totally 6 diagrams. l finished drawing all.
You don’t have to worry..

Thank you very much, Shankar. l mean it. Mention not. When l asked you to do it for me,
you gave me a lecture. But when she asked, you did it for her.
– Forget it. Rajesh, how is the fatso now? He is going through hell. Let’s give him a new dose tomorrow. Appu, did you bring my diagrams? You said let’s do it together
and slept like a log..

Take it. Thank God, you brought it. You idiot! They are just half done.
l have no sentiments. TT ..::MaGeSh::.. Your drawings are good. Get lost. You all must to my home
this Sunday for dinner. Why not! We will come on
Saturday too. No problem. What’s the matter?
– lt’s my birthday. So, are you a Virgo?.

Everyone must come without fail. Everyone must come. l didn’t want a fight between
freshers & them again. Get lost. l apologized, didn’t l? Not again! You get lost. Look Naveen, l have class now. No. You don’t have to do palm reading. No. You don’t have to give me a party. No. You don’t have to follow me..

Get lost. What was my mistake? Madhu, please listen to me for once. Chandu, get lost.
– You get lost. l don’t care if you are senior. Get lost. You scoundrel! You’re finished. No college for you from tomorrow. Happy? Now watch what they will do. You can also come to
my birthday party this Sunday. My instincts told me that l had
invited trouble with seniors..

But that moment when l saw Madhu, l felt like inviting trouble with
anyone for her sake. A man must be courageous. Will you ditch your friend? No, l won’t. What? Patch up? He slapped Naveen. Why lock horns with them? You don’t worry.
Should freshers dance to their tunes? l taught a lesson to that fatso earlier..

You did the right thing to Naveen too. Let’s face it. Let’s see what they will do. Great. He did a greatjob. A request from us.
– What? l will give you a good gift. No thanks. Tell me what you want. You must invite Sangeetha, Shravanthi
and Shreya madam too. l can’t do it. lnviting madam…? Tell her Chandru..

Don’t forget Shravanthi. Get lost. Should l come? Yeah! We’ll have fun. l will come. ln your gang, the one with long hair… ls he mad? Why is he after me? He is not mad. Actually, he is mad about you.
– He will die. He fears none. Your birthday fall on this Sunday. Shankar told me. When did students start inviting
lecturers to their party?.

You go & tell Rajesh to meet me. Madam, you must come. Can’t you speak in English? ls Mahesh Babu your husband?
– No. My husband looks like Mahesh Babu. Okay. By heart this poem and recite it by evening. lt’s Shravs! Don’t get excited. Madhu invited me to her birthday party.
Tell her that l can’t come..

You said you will come. Now l’m saying that l won’t. Are you being pressurized? They will blow you in the air. Where do you get the guts? How can a junior slap a senior? Will they keep quiet? Don’t laugh. You’ve the pressure not me. lt’s all for your good.
– Thanks for caring me. Are they goon gang? Like Shiva?.

Tell me. l will tell you from the beginning.
l forgot. Give me one more chance, madam. Madhu, you look very beautiful today. Shravanthi didn’t turn up, right? Sorry. l tried. Yes. Let’s go. l’m late because of you. l went for a hair cut. Food was very good. Happy? Chandu, you must give us a party. There is nothing at all..

To Gandhi Nagar.
– Sorry. l can’t come. Why won’t you come?
Get in. My wife will be waiting for me. You touched my heart
with your sentiments. What now? We won’t get autos now. Chandu will drop us all home.
Right? Let’s all stay together. Shankar, stop… Stop… Stop… Got him… Catch him…hold him….

l’m leaving you because
you’re my sister’s friend, go home! How dare you go for my girl? Beat him…bash him up boys! Should never dare to stand
up to the seniors. You’ll get killed
Are you powerful? How dare you go for my girl? You bloody skinny beanpole! Beat them black and blue! Who’s that making noise at night?.

Someone’s watching. What’s going on there? Let’s go boys! l’m warning you not to come back. You’ll die! Are you okay? Madhu, come out. Why? Come out l’ll tell you. Why are you bleeding? Get me dettol and cotton. Why? What happened? Hurry up! What happened? Seniors attacked us. What’s this hooliganism?
Let’s go to the police..

Some cotton please. Are you okay, Shankar? l’m okay. l’ll help you…
– Get lost! Go away! What you did was wrong? l left you there for friendship. l can understand
if you run away in fear, why did you change the sides? lt’s wrong. lt’s wrong. l’m warning you,
she’s not the right girl for you, that family is very dangerous..

They will leave you
high and dry some day. Trust me and give up that girl. Chandu, come. You too.
– Coming. l’m responsible for all this. l said it for fun,
but didn’t expect this reaction. l didn’t think they would be
so dangerous. Go in…you will get it now. Tears too? Go in and sleep peacefully..

Go. That night l understood
how cowardice is fear. We had a fear that
seniors will rag in college. We totally lost that fear. We got the stick but became heroes. We became heroes to the freshers. Seniors started respecting us. The fight didn’t end there. Rajesh will not take anything lightly. How dare they beat up boys like
some mafia gang at night?.

Come Chandu.
– Stop! You keep quiet. Let’s settle this matter
in the canteen. Chandu, come to the canteen,
let’s go there. No, we’ll complain to the principal.
– lf you do, it’ll ruin their careers. Got me? Come! We’ll not spare if they attack seniors. We wanted to thrash them. This time we took it lightly,
next time we’ll break their limbs..

Will you? l’ll get my men from Proddutur
and have you all lynched. lf you dare, come and attack now! Stop…stop…stop… Chandu, you sit down! Why did you beat him? lt happened inadvertently. l said sorry too. No, he beat him for teasing me. He’s showing off before girls. He’s not even up to my waist
but dares to look at my girl..

Stop…stop…stop… Leave it…it’s your mistake
to beat a senior. Forget it…you go to the class. Would you keep quiet if freshers
behave like this with you in future? Won’t you hit back?
Go…go away. We’ll not complain,
let’s forget it here. lf they consider as friends,
they must stop ragging us..

Why should we stop?
We’ll not stop till freshers party. Then, shall we play a cricket match? With these kids? But no ragging if they win, okay? Ragging? l’ll leave my girl friend too. What will you do? Kiss her? Kiss her, have a ball! We have state players in our team,
only if they win, right? Will you stake me as a pawn?
Aren’t you ashamed to do it?.

Take it easy, only if they win, right? l’ll kill you, cancel it right now.
Till then don’t show your face to me. lf you behave silly next time,
l’ll beat you with slipper in the assembly. We must win this match,
we must crush them. l’ll get ready a hi-tech bat,
one touch & it’s a four! That fatso is a damn good player,
fix him up!.

He’ll end up a failure. First win the match. We need players. You need one? l can play. Did you play cricket earlier? No, but l did play a local stick
game similar to cricket. l think we got one player. Come, let’s go. Or else my honour will
go to the dogs. We’ll surely win… We must win. TT ..::MaGeSh::…

Chandru, run! Shankar, have water. Just a touch will go to the boundary. What’s this buddy?
He’s hitting every ball to the boundary. What’s this? You said you’ll fix up that fatso. Go to the left. Where are you? Catch it…Catch it! l caught it! Catch it within the boundary line, okay? Take the ball, spin it!.

Just a hit and it flies away! Stop it…she may feel bad… TT ..::MaGeSh::.. Dream about something that
the dark night can’t shatter… The new dawn must
turn it into reality… Let time standstill and
watch our friendship… Let the shores of friendship
come near… Dream… Turn real… Let our hearts hear this rhythm
of fun everyday….

Let every minute be a lesson…
That’s life! TT ..::MaGeSh::.. Don’t give up… Till you turn dreams into real… Victory will be yours… Never lose hope… Let your imagination take wings
and fly high… And reach the stars… TT ..::MaGeSh::.. l think the party will be
very exciting. Madhu, you look great in this sari..

Would you dance with me? ls it request or order? Ragging is common in colleges,
don’t misunderstand me. l know. Sorry l’ve Chandu… You never know, right? Just a dance, should’ve told yes,
he’s floored by you. l want to dance with Chandu. TT ..::MaGeSh::.. Freshers party is over. Before we could enjoy our freedom,
internal exams came up..

Final exams after internals,
combined studies, night outs, lab work, Oh God! An year passed away just like that! We are in second year now. Actually we are seniors now. Summer holidays were
exciting in childhood, but now it’s very boring. No good movies to watch and
no cricket matches too. Rajesh left to his native place,.

Madhu is spending time at
beauty parlour and head baths. Girls spend more time on themselves. l went to gym to develop my body. Workouts and special diets were good, but when dad looked at me asking,
is this your goal? Rajesh arrived then with CD’s. l never expected this
but what he said is true, the CD’s were so good that,.

it started with 2 CD’s a day, 3,
then 10 CD’s a day, we watched it till shop didn’t
have anything left to watch. lt’s Madhu! Cut it, it’s very interesting here. Where have you guys vanished?
No calls or meeting, what are you doing? Nothing…tell me… Shall we go to watch Chiru’s new film? Are you men?
Do you want us to get tickets?.

Aren’t you ashamed? Let’s today evening,
l’ll get the tickets. Affect of the films l watched,
my eyes were tired. Chandu, look that side. l couldn’t control myself that day. Without regarding it was Megastar’s film,
l tried for something… But Madhu is no ordinary girl. What happened to you? Where’s your brain?.

Nothing…we watched
a lot of ‘those’ films. Lost interest in the normal films. l felt l needed a little shock to get
rid of the effect of ‘those’ films. We had two great shocks. Our Shreya madam left the college. And we got our results. Tyson! You’re the topper! Take it easy, Shankar,
better luck next time..

Just half a percent,
take it easy buddy! How did this happen? l got 77% ! How did you manage to get
more than me in drawing? l taught you. lt’s not how much you know,
it’s how well you wrote the exam. Where are you going? We have class. Sit here… No use in studying, l dreamed of doing computer science..

lt crashed, l’ll take it easy. He got better marks than me
without attending a class. Bloody! What happened to Shankar? What’s his problem? l didn’t mean you,
l just hate Mechanical. We are going out evening for a beer,
would you like to join us? Always beer, you pig! Stop it….you’re brainless. Hey mad boy! Don’t make any
sacrifice feeling pity for him,.

he’s a traitor to the core,
if you do any such silly act, l’ll kill you, got me? He doesn’t know the
true value of friendship. he may not know
but we know it, right? Where did he come from? No, he’s right. Are you mad? We paid for your engineering studies,
why don’t you study properly? How insulting it is
if an MLA’s son fails?.

Father, it isn’t failure, we call it as backlogs, l’ll write again and get through. You don’t worry.
– l’m not worried, it’s yours now. lf l stop your studies
and put you in politics, then you’ll understand
the value of education. you’re useless,
can you finish it in 10 years? Shut up…cut the line..

– l’ll kill you. Hey stop! Don’t get so excited,
l heard you left computer science. Are you mad? l’m not interested in all this. l hate Unix, C+, C++…
– No tales please. l’m your senior, you did it
for Shankar, right? He’s not worth of it,
don’t spoil your career. He’ll betray you. How do you know this?.

l can judge him with his girl friends. Go…go away now. Why are you so nervous always? Do you like or fear or love Sanjay? Mind your business,
never question seniors. Go. Thank you very much! You didn’t do it for me, did you? Take it easy. l love Mechanical, you know it, right? When are you giving a party?.

No party…why should we celebrate? Let’s all go on a picnic. Shall we go to Araku valley? What do you say? lt’s girls’ birth right to
say no for anything. God too doesn’t know whether they are
really uninterested or want to be cajoled. We had to go to their homes,
begged and got ready to leave. Except one!.

Give me bike keys, money… TT ..::MaGeSh::.. You’re going home and me too… Are you afraid of Sanjay? Juniors should never question seniors. Anyway l’m not coming
with you, that’s it! Mind your work. What? lf you want l’ll talk to your mother. Are girls too coming with you? Why haven’t they come to invite her?.

Shravanthi is my friend,
only l want her to come. l don’t want to fool you using the girls. Thanks for the respect. lf she wants to go, l don’t mind. You’re not my batch,
why should l come with you? l’m there, right? So what? What do l’ve with you? You’re a junior, you study well…
that’s all! That’s all?.

Just tell me this, you don’t want to
come or scared of someone? l told you, juniors shouldn’t
question seniors. Answer it, it’s a request
not a question. l don’t like. Actually l fear they may
trouble you…okay? lf you like join us,
or leave it if you’re scared. What if it’s both? They both can’t be in one place..

TT ..::MaGeSh::.. Wherever the feet may go… Wherever the destination may be… Though stuttering in the walk… May l accompany you… Though a short separation… Whether in tears… Am l not in your every heart beat? Alone or defeated… You’re the shadow that walks with me… O friend! Who wiped my tears….

O friendship! That stood by me
in testing times… TT ..::MaGeSh::.. Affection that isn’t in the
lap of mother also… Web of friendship weaved
around us… Spreading the love of friendship
all through the life… Formalities gave way to close
bonding of informal friendship… There’s no hesitation
between the hearts….

ln rains paper turn into boats…
sweet cherished memories… You bring back the golden days
of childhood to the fore… With little friendly tiffs… Friendship relishes
in fun and frolic… lt shows the start and end of it… TT ..::MaGeSh::.. Bloody! What a lousy life is ours! No education and entertainment…
what a life!.

Look at that rogue’s life! He’s a topper and got a seat in
computer science, thanks to Tyson, a girl next to him always,
and kisses whenever he wishes. That’s life! Our lives are waste. l’m a senior, l haven’t yet done it,
a new kid… What’s in it for me? He too has a girl,
nobody knows what you do..

This long hair guy,
dates a senior girl, would it ever happen? Didn’t Sanjay kiss you? He tried but l threatened to
beat him with a slipper. How to approach the girl for a kiss? How would l know? Why are you looking at me? l don’t know anything. Between you and Chandu…? No way!
– l asked just like that..

People in college feel you have… Shravs is little fast, try it.
– No way. You try, l’ll manage
if there’s any trouble. Try it buddy! Our heroes are here! Ask them why they are here? What brings you guys here? Shall we play cards and
have dinner here? What were you discussing till now? About kissing?.

Pig! ls it necessary to you? Shall we play cards? l don’t know about others but
kiss matter troubled me a lot. lt was good Shravanthi made it to Araku, we were all happy, but the picnic took the
life of her pet hen. The trouble in me blew out
of proportion that night. This is projection… …from top view….

What’s it? Chandu, you go home. l feel an unknown change
in your behaviour. Chandu, go…please… Madhu…you look very sweet today… That’s all! You wanted me to ask,
l came out! TT ..::MaGeSh::.. Dad, Chandu is a good boy. Strangely… He never behaved like this before. You don’t look at me so tensely..

Calm down dear.
– Are you crying my dear? Calm down, we are not
suspecting you dear. You won’t come out
but keep it to your hearts. Okay, you’ve told us, now calm down. Last night’s chicken was fantastic,
leaving bones in the coop was good idea. We had it yesterday, right? What’s that sound? Close it….

What’s it? Where is it coming from? Jeer at me now, l’ll finish you tonight. l said sorry, didn’t l? You insisted and l told you. Would you say anything if l ask? Aren’t you ashamed?
Weren’t you afraid? Why should l be afraid of you?
l came out straight. Why are you talking like a mad man? My father heard it..

l almost died in shame, first time in my life, first time l had to hang my head down
in shame before my parents. Where? No more talking or meeting with me. You could’ve told them
l’m not like that. lf l see you near my home,
l’ll complain to your parents. Are you mad?
Will you go to my parents for silly things?.

ls it any film? Hey mind your words. ls it silly thing? Would my dad keep quiet if anyone comes
and asks his daughter to kiss? Agreed he’ll not keep quiet. What would he do if l ask elsewhere? He’ll no do anything but
l’ll take you to task. Blows! Don’t talk mad. Come to my home and
say sorry to my dad..

Get lost! What should l say,
sorry l asked her a kiss? He may ask, why did l ask? Should l tell him it’s my desire? l’ll talk to you only on saying sorry. Blackmailing me?
Then don’t talk to me. l’ll not die as if l’ve
murdered someone. No matter remains secret in college. Entire college knows we are
not in talking terms..

Many felt sorry on hearing it. But one man was happy to hear it. l heard it.
– What? That you and Chandu had a fight. l didn’t come out because
you were close to Chandu. So, now that we had a fight, do you feel there’s a chance for you? We are friends, you’re right till that, just because we had a fight,.

you guessed it wrong that
l’ll love you to hurt him. l’ve to attend class. Fighting is easy but
after effects are brutal. Oh! Our hearts fell in love… Oh! Our thoughts changed… Neither did this happen before… Nor is this my heart… Our heart will listen to none… l tried all avenues,
even God took it easy on me..

l think girls are more powerful. She was happy, she was studying seriously, studying vigorously, l understood then, that she has the upper hand
in our relationship. l became a small time forlorn lover
in Madhu’s matter, Shankar had become another type
of forlorn lover for Sangeetha. Shankar, you’ve two backlogs..

Take it easy, better luck next time. Why do you get tensed? Madhu, you’re the topper. l felt sad when she turned
away her head, l was really hurt, hurt…anger will raise from hurt, anger will lead to revenge. Why shouldn’t we start
an anti-ragging squad? What do you say? Anti-ragging squad?
Me heading it?!.

lf my friends come to know it… Anyway my life turned into a hell. lt went into Madhu’s control totally
and became hopeless. Prashanthi in a half sari… Then came a small hope… Buddy, a great chic is coming…
Where? Great babe! Fresher l think. Which branch she could be?
lsn’t she great? She’s coming back…!.

l heard this anti-ragging squad
idea is yours. TT ..::MaGeSh::.. Hey come here! Me?
– Yes. Leave it. You cool down, you don’t know. l think there will be fun,
l’ll come back in a minute. What’s your name? Which branch? What’s that ring? Style?
– Yes style! Why are you wearing toe ring? Do you’ve a boy friend?.

How dare you shake hands with seniors? You go. l didn’t know he’s your friend. My friend? My foot! ls he my friend? No way! Don’t know from where these
people come here? Coming… What’s this nasty love…
what’s this hesitation in expressing it… What’s this jealousy…. Thank God, l don’t have to
face this trouble..

Suddenly my position
turned very strong. So strong that… That too after 3 months! Yeah, tell me… Nothing, l dialed it by mistake. Stupid, ldiot, Shameless! Does he need fresher? How dare he shakes hand
with a fresher? l can’t understand why girls
get so tensed for a boy? l can never understand. ls it the dance class?
– Yes.

Can you dance? Can l join the dance class? Shook hands too!
Dirty face! Now l understand your pain.
Nothing… But Madhu, l’ll not take it
lying like you. l’ll not take it easy. But still l refuse,
what if Rajesh comes to know it? Won’t you do it? Tyson, l’m telling you finally, do it. l don’t know if you are aware or not,
don’t take on me..

Shravs is my best friend. What a great weather! lf l have a chilled beer now And if a great babe walks in, Life will be cool! Priyanka is coming! What a great luck!
You’re indeed lucky! Great fun! Let her come,
l’ll have a ball! What’s this? What’s this nasty odour? My shoes? May be your shoes? Keep it there…please don’t go….

Leave me… Bloody! What a evening, right! Good…very nice… What happened to you?
Why are you dull? No…l’m cool! Don’t you get any bad odour? Bad smell? What’s that nasty odour? Can’t she smell it?
How can she bear it? Actually she can’t get that smell. How do you know it? Bloody! Did you do it?.

Why did you do it? Leave him, he may die! lt’s between us, keep out of it. l’ll kill you,
what did the girl do to you? Did she trouble you?
Who is so revengeful on her? Who could it be?
– Appu, tell me… Yes, it was me, so what?
– You? Why? Coming at me, will you beat me? Why did you tell him like a fool?.

l didn’t tell him want only. l’ll leave it here,
but next time l’ll kill you. Talk to me, he did for me. Why are you showing off to him? Bloody! Will you betray
a friend for money? Why are you spitting on me? Tyson, give me another powder
this time she’ll die! Take this…bloody gold digger! But please spare my Priyanka!.

lt seems his Priyanka?
– Yes, my Priyanka. Take this chain also. Take it but if you trouble
Priyanka again, l’ll kill you. Go…go away…
going to Priyanka? Yes to see Priyanka! Go…go…he’ll die! But Appu, what bothers you if Rajesh
goes out with Priyanka. Why do you want to know? Why did you change suddenly?.

Didn’t you help me in dating madam? Didn’t you help me when
l had a fight with seniors? Why like this now? Appu, please… Talk to me! Go and have food. Please l’ll try to date this girl. Please help me.
– No, l’ll not. l don’t like it. But why? Do you want to know why? Look into my eyes, you’ll know it..

lnto your eyes? What’s in it?
Buffaloe’s eyes! What’s in it? That’s your level!
You can never understand. She’s a devil, l don’t like her. Please, l’ll not help. Can’t you give me a lift? Pandu hasn’t come today. Okay, hop on! Girls have a great attachment for bikes. They die if it’s boy friend’s bike..

And take lives too! Are you man or beast?
Aren’t you ashamed? Do you think it’s heroism
to take girls on bike? Arrogance! That any girl will
come on your bike. Actually l’m ashamed to
be your friend. lt isn’t like that Madhu… Go to hell! Priyanka, aren’t our tastes too similar? Ain’t l good company?.

Get up! That’s my place. She’s already sitting, right?
So please leave it. l’m talking to you, get up! Appu, don’t behave silly.
Everyone’s watching us. Shut up! We are sitting here to
eat together from first year, you may not have sentiments,
sitting here like a bull and eating, but l do have sentiments..

That’s my place, ask her to get up! Rajesh, l’m leaving. Priyanka, you sit here…
please don’t worry…sit here. Why are you behaving like this?
Can’t you let her sit here? Sit here with me. TT ..::MaGeSh::.. Nothing…how are you? Did you come at this
late hour for my sake? Not entirely true,
l had a fight with Rajesh..

l came for company.
Ate anything? Then let’s get something to eat. Whatever you say,
girls are a headache. They have gone over the board! Yesterday she called you a beast, and l was called a bull in the mess, what do they think of us? Would you like to have a beer? This is all planned by our leader.
We must give her a sermon..

Otherwise we’ll lose our honour. We are not in talking terms too, what bothers her if l go out
with any other girl? l’ll ask her tomorrow without fail.
– They are behaving arrogantly. Don’t leave them.
– Chandu, come. Drop me, l’ve some work. She left without food at night,
l’ll take her to task tomorrow..

He’s my friend,
shouldn’t l like his friends? He needs me for everything
he does in college. Even to ogle girls he needs me. He needs me for everything
even to date girls. Would l keep quiet
if l don’t like them? lt’s difficult to behave harsh
and change him. l shouted at him today morning.
l feel more pain than him..

Should l also keep pain
within myself? You can ask her, but it’ll hurt Madhu. About Prashanthi,
Shravs too told me. And she likes you very much. l too can get a bevy of girls
at the snap of my finger. Forget it all, she’ll not even wish for it,
that’s her specialty. Anyway, you’ll understand it slowly..

l don’t know why but Tyson’s
words worked on me, l can’t be at loggerheads
with Madhu anymore, l decided to put an end to the tiff. For shouting at you unnecessarily. l don’t care whether you go out
with fresher or senior. You drink or have fun,
it’s your will & wish. Why should l bother?
Who am l to you?.

Why are you talking silly? l don’t drink, don’t you know that? l don’t know. Then, do l drink really?
Have you seen me drinking? l don’t care about it. You go away, l don’t want you. lt’s all over! Take it back,
l don’t want your silly gift. Return the sim card, it’s mine. Aren’t you arrogant about
your fair complexion?.

Though you’re like
a star in the sky… l’m trying to find a way
to the earth… Though l’m before you,
you ignore me like nothing… O girl, why don’t you come to me
looking at my shattered heart? Though the agony is seeping out,
l’m still silent… l melted away like a sweet dream…
Standing like a statue….

With your memories as
the lone witness… Are you going away? Can’t you go after a dance with me? Will you come to watch
a film tomorrow? May l walk with you till there? Slowly… Why your hair rolls? Just once! You’ve gone mad. You won’t get hurt when l am with you. l’m no more a fresher. Shall we go to a film tomorrow?.

Can l take it as yes?
How about dinner? Drive carefully.
l came just for the film. l’ll go away if you talk again. You want a soft drink? lsn’t she Sangeetha? l don’t think he’s Shankar, who is he? Mad? She doesn’t want your company. Come let’s go. TT ..::MaGeSh::.. l’m in a theatre, the film is great,
with my cousin,.

come immediately.
– Now? The film should be watched with you. Let’s go another time.
– Come now. Was it Sangeetha?
– Cool it. Why shouldn’t l get excited? Shankar will be heart broken
if he comes to know it. Will you tell him? ls she a girl or devil? Would he believe you? We are good friends,
what do you think?.

l’m hungry, shall we go out? Shankar, forget Sangeetha.
– Why? No need of details, l’m telling you. She’s not the right choice.
– Tell me the matter. l saw Sangeetha in the theatre
with another man. They were very close, further details
could hurt you, leave it. Don’t excited,
she called me up just now..

She went with her cousin, she asked me
to come as the film is great. l said no. She’s very clever,
this isn’t ordinary intelligence. You’ll get hurt, please leave her. Enough buddy,
you’re crossing the limits. You know it.
She hasn’t committed any mistake. l know it. Chandu, tell him,
she’s a characterless girl..

she’s kissing in public,
ask Shravs if you’ve any doubt. You’re from a good family background…
– Shut up! Should l ask Shravanthi about
Sangeetha’s character? She should have character first. She went around with so many seniors,
look at the clothes she wears. Anyone in college can tell about her.
– Did you see her?.

Reduce the voice, she’s here only. Did you see her?
You said anyone can tell about her, did you see personally?
– No. But l saw Sangeetha kissing
another man in public. There’s no other meaning to it. Shravanthi is not the issue, l saw her. Shravanthi is the issue, she’s good to you and
Sangeetha is good to me. Leave it..

You asked me so l’m telling you, Shravanthi will never cross her limits
though she’s friendly with many. Even if she does, she’ll do it boldly
not stealthily like Sangeetha. l’ve that confidence in her,
do you’ve the same confidence? Tell me. Do you’ve it? You’ll not have because
you don’t know Sangeetha..

You’re dying with insecurity
of losing her. So you can never compare
Shravanthi with Sangeetha. You believe what you see on face… l’m warning you for the last time. A word more & l will beat you. Chandu, tell him to shut up.
– l will say this again & again. How dare you talk bad about her?
– Shankar, stop..

What bothers you, Tyson?
lt’s his life. Why do you bother? What’s all this Shankar?
– She is manipulating you. You’re a fool. Muscles alone are not enough.
Have some brain too. How many times to tell you…
– Shankar, go away. Have you gone mad?
How could you hit him? Get lost. Shankar, go away from here.
– Okay..

Why doesn’t he believe me?
– What bothers you? Let him go to hell.
What bothers you? Why poke your nose in his matters? l want his friendship.
l like him. l want his career to be bright. So, l sacrificed my computer science seat. l can’t keep quiet when he’s hell bent
in ruining his career. Tyson, it is your fault.
Why bother about him?.

l know he will betray us.
He is a selfish fellow. What bothers you? Still, he is our friend. What? Tyson, please go. l didn’t know that students have such
an opinion about me in college. Please leave me alone. l won’t mistake you. l won’t mistake you. Sangeetha, please leave him. He has many goals to achieve in life..

He is from a poor family. You flirt boys within your circle. What do you have with him? Please listen to me for once. Tyson, leave us alone.
Mind your business. You know what will happen if you
interfere in our matters. That’s it. Don’t you have any shame? l will tell you. l will kill that Tyson.
– He is doing too much..

Listen to me first.
He is a mad fellow. l will talk with him.
– He is only a kid. Are you supporting him?
Don’t you love me? He slapped me.
No one had ever slapped me. Where is he put up?
– Padma Rao nagar. Let’s beat him there.
– l can understand your feelings. Take him with you.- l’ll bring him.
– Get his address..

lf l get him, he is finished.
How dare he hit slaps my sister? l will bring him. Hi! Come in. l’ve an urgent work.
Come with me. l did it unknowingly.
l got too emotional. l slapped her because of you.
Are you listening? Where have you brought me? Nothing. Just come. Tell me.
– Come l say. What?
– Why are we here?.

You come. Shankar, what happened?
– Come. Go… Shankar, what’s all this? Bring him here. What wrong did l do? Why are you beating me?
– Beat him. Beat him. TT ..::MaGeSh::.. Beat him. Leave him, he might die.
– What does he think of himself? Move. Praveen, let’s go.
– Listen to me. Next time you’ll be dead!.

Don’t touch me. How is he? ls it paining? You?!? Were you here all night? Go & freshen up.
l will be here. She knows it. Rajesh, don’t tell this to anyone. lt was just an accident. That’s all. Get lost. l won’t spare him. He is finished. l am serious.
– Get lost. Promise.
– To hell with your promise..

Why do you spare them? From where do you get
so much of patience? l know. Don’t you like me?
– Nothing like that. Then what? Shut up & sleep. Will you tell me later? Tyson, juniors shouldn’t question seniors. You know that, right? Rajesh, you…? Come in. Shankar, Rajesh is here. What’s it Rajesh? Nothing. Tyson’s condition is little serious..

He wants to talk to you. l will wear my shirt & come. Rajesh, why are we here?
– l will tell you. Rajesh, leave me. How dare you hit Tyson? What wrong did he do to you? What did he do? Why did you beat Tyson? You mad fellow.
He is your friend. He is pure gold. You are lucky to get such a friend. He ate idly & gave you money
to eat Dosa..

He doesn’t know that you buy
perfumes for that bitch. He is a mad fellow. That’s why he sacrificed his
computer science seat for you. Sit down, you rascal. What an ungrateful life!
Bloody rascal! When such a friend advises
for your own good, you got him beaten up to pulp.
You scoundrel! Just sit down. ls it paining?.

Even when it was paining for him, he told me not to lodge any
complaint against you. He is a true friend. Forget about being his friend,
you’re unfit to even polish his shoes. To hell with you.
Get lost, you scoundrel! l don’t need you at all. Sangeetha is important to me. l neither need you, Tyson or Chandu..

l don’t need you all. Get lost. Go. Catch him. Will you beat me? Come. Beat me now.
– Let’s fight now. You must be Shravanthi. Mother, Shravanti is here. l’m here too. Get lost. You come everyday. Come in Shravanti. Mother, she is Shravanti.
– Come in. He keeps talking about you all the time. How do you feel now?.

Shravs is here. How come you are here? Shouldn’t l come here? You’re my senior, aren’t you? l have some work. Come. l too have some work. Madhu, will you come out for a minute? Appu, you too.
– Why? Appu, come. How is your hand? What? Nothing. Just to give them privacy. Then why did you call me out?.

You could’ve made a gesture. l didn’t think that way. You can leave. Let’s go. Appu, shall l drop you at the college? What’s her problem? Shravs, you haven’t yet answered
my question. Tyson, l haven’t come across
a guy like you in my life. Your attitude. l like you very much. Does that mean ”No”? That’s all..

ls it because you’re elder to me? ls it because Shankar might scold you? Any problems at home? Any other lover? TT ..::MaGeSh::.. What will they be doing inside? lt’s been too long. May be Shravs is proposing
her love to him? Don’t you like me? l like you the most. You know me better than myself. l’ve no problem then..

l’m completely alright. Don’t get excited. l don’t want to get into any commitments. l want to go to US & do my MS. lf you want time, take it. ldiot! These are not numbers. Listen to me. l am leaving. l’ve got admission in
University of Minnesota. That’s all. Got it? May be l’ll come to Minnesota
within a year,.

as yourjunior again? May be l fall in love with someone else? May be you don’t like anyone
and fall in love with me? Juniors shouldn’t question seniors. To the insensitive moments… Shravs has come out. What’s wrong with her? Let’s go inside. Has Shravanthi left? Don’t cry. What happened?
– Nothing..

Has she gone mad? Can she get a better man than you? lt’s not like that. She’s going to US. That’s all. Poor fellow. Are you fine? Excuse me. Chandu, you tell him… Take it easy. The girl has gone.
Why worry about the hen? Let’s go. Let’s go. l am not coming.
– Let’s go. Let’s go home. Come. The girl, the hen….

why did we come here in the rain? Have you gone mad? Come, let’s go home. Chandu, you tell him….
Tell him. Tyson, let’s go. Chandu…
– Yes, tell me. Just imagine that you don’t get
married to Appu or Madhu. Just imagine. lt’s very painful, right? That’s my situation. Don’t you feel excruciating pain?.

That’s why l don’t want to leave her. l will go to the University where she goes. MlTs, Stanford are a waste. l’ll join as herjunior. lf you want the dreams turn real… Though near, to join hands… Be it a shattered dream,
l won’t discard it… TT ..::MaGeSh::.. Hey Appu… lt’s me. Why did you come at this hour?.

Sorry Appu. Forgive me. Please talk to me. Do you know my life is boring without you? Neither can l eat nor sleep properly. l’ve lost interest in beers too. You’re my everything.
Please talk to me. What should l do now? Tell me. Appu, please don’t kill me
with your silence. Say something. Tell me if l’m friend or foe?.

Please tell me. Appu, sit here. Please don’t go. Sit. Appu, let’s get married. My life is boring without you. Don’t turn your head that way.
l really get tensed. l’m very serious.
l’m honestly asking you. Finished wooing all the girls?
Am l the last one? You’re talking too much. l love you. When did this start?.

Long back. But l didn’t understand that when
you were in pants & shirts. Now you understood because
l am wearing a sari. l didn’t mean that.
l really felt it. Bloody…let’s get married. Marry my mom? l didn’t mean that…. Sorry…. l meant you. Now tell me.
What do you see in my eyes? ln your eyes?.

Big buffalo eyes. Balls…black berries. They are very beautiful. What about that ”Stinking girl”? You mean Priyanka? And totally?
– Superb. You are a queen. Tell me the truth. No more jokes. l will break your neck. Lock my neck. Am l okay for you? You’re always okay to me. Appu, give me a kiss.
– Get lost..

l can’t fall at her feet like Rajesh. l sat all night and decided to apologize
to Madhu’s father. About the kiss. We won’t remove the auto. Will he be fine? Even l met Madhu for the first time
in the same way. Her hands were shivering. Doctor, how is he? He’ll regain conscious in an hour. How is he?.

He is fine. No need to worry. Father, where are you? Nothing. What nothing? You neither picked my call nor called home.
Mom is tensed. Where are you now?
– Listen first. Listen what?
– Just listen. – Tell me. Come to KlMS with my cheque book. KlMS? ls she shouting? Okay. l’ll leave. Are you fine now?.

Sorry for what? l just wanted to say. Don’t you both talk to each other? No uncle. lt’s been 2 years. She likes you very much. lt’s very painful. But l got used to it. Don’t know why… By helping Madhu’s father, l felt like l’ve cleansed myself from
the sin with repentance. Yes… Nothing… just a wrong dial..

Or may be l’ve got back my controls. Why couldn’t he greet me? Because of his ego. l did apologize to her. What’s her problem now? l apologized to her, her father. May be she wants me to apologize
to her grandmother. He didn’t greet you. Forget it. Why didn’t you greet him? When you love someone,
leave your ego..

You like Chandu, don’t you? Like? l am mad about her.
l’m dying for her. l can’t control myself. That doesn’t mean that l can
look at some other girl. lf l look at her, she turns her head away. That’s it for this birth. What if he falls at your feet? He is Chandu not Rajesh. What now? Come with me to US.
– Are you mad?.

Madhu is their only child.
They are very cool. Forget it. Tell me, why don’t you come to US? By going to US, l don’t want to confuse her. l never planned going abroad.
l want to stay here. What if Chandu dressed in formals comes
running to you & says ”Sorry”? ls it okay? Then okay. What if Madhu dressed in a red sari comes
running in rain & agrees to kiss you?.

ls it okay? Watch it happen! lt’s America fever in the college.
MS visa applications are being issued. Even our college genius Tyson
is going there…for Shravanthi. Shruti organization committee head
is our Chandu. Actually, her birthday is tomorrow.
But tomorrow is a holiday. TT ..::MaGeSh::.. Without her, l thought l won’t exist….

l broke the bond of friendship… With truth infront of me… l’m shattered… …to apologize. …waiting every second… Hot pakodas are just right
for this climate. You will get the interest.
You write. You have no other options either. You have a good percentage. Actually, going to US won’t
work in Madhu’s family..

She is their only daughter. By going to US,
l don’t want to confuse her. They are all so cool together.
You know? She is very close to her parents. l will tell their names tomorrow. What? Later. No. Right now. What is it? Tell me. l need a ride.
Take your bike. Are you okay? Okay. When? Right now. l have work..

l will talk to you later. Won’t you come even if l offer you a kiss? Am l left alone for you? Have l forgotten myself? Did l become your shadow?
Did l melt because of you? lt’s almost 1 year. lt’s all your fault. Shameless…! We neither spoke to each other,
nor did we share our wishes? No love letters. No messages.
And no love..

Asked me a kiss right way. Where did you get the courage? Why should l be afraid, Madhu? l told you what was in my mind. Stop. Here? On the Necklace road?
ln public? Are you going to kiss me here?
– Yes. l will tell you. How many faded jeans do you have? Just one. Are you sure? The other day you took her on your bike….

ls this the same jean?
– l think so. But l am very sure. Where are you taking me to? lf any girl puts her hand on you,
l’ll be very serious. And the result will be like this.
Got it? This style is good.
Very airy! Why are your legs so thin? Because of running from
pillar to post for you. This is my college..

My home for the last 4 years. l felt suddenly that l may have
to leave this home. Tears came out from my eyes.
l felt very weak. l could hear my father’s
words very clearly. ”Every day is important”
”What are my achievements” Though my college is coming to an end,
l didn’t know what’s next. l don’t know about my achievements..

l didn’t want to leave this home. ls it because l fear the outside world,
or is it because l love this college? So much confusion.
l felt everyone is happy. Pandu, Tyson, Madhu,
Rajesh, Shankar. Everyone is doing something in life.
But what about me? Why are you sitting here?
– Nothing sir. What have l learnt?
What have l achieved?.

l was confused while joining the college
and l am still confused even now. Chandu, never think like that. You can differentiate between
good from bad. You learnt to help the needy. You learnt about sacrifice
and good friendship. Nobody comes to college to achieve. They gain the capacity to achieve. When you want to do something
at any point of time,.

l’m sure you won’t look back. l saw that. Just now. l know. lt’s me. Rajesh, say something. Say something in English. Sorry. l gave you all the trouble. Buddy, we are from the same college. l am your senior.
– Thank you. There’s a good bye to everything… Even for the bond of friendship… Happiness…spring season….

TT ..::MaGeSh::.. Fragrance of friendship… Weave of experiences… Abode of friendship…
Temple of learning… Every moment is a new dawn… TT ..::MaGeSh::.. TT ..::MaGeSh::.. Sir, how come you’re here? On this day, l come here every year. A few students from every batch
leave this college unwillingly..

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